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Why Choose American LED?

We’ve been selling Big Video and Interactive Digital Signage since 2005. Projection then LCD and Now LED. No one has more hands-on experience with different requirements and installation types. Whether it’s Indoor, Outdoor, Static or Interactive, we have the products on which to ensure your investment is capitalized.

Why Choose Direct view LED?

Greater Brightness and Unlimited Resolutions Here

Resolution refers to pixel density and the number of pixels. So, with more pixels per panel, you will have a more detailed and sharper image. LED walls can create stunning visual impact. 

Eye popping colors grab your attention along with better contrast ratios, higher resolutions and superior brightness give your brand the ultimate impact.

American LED video walls are the better choice when it comes to video displays. While other Video technologies wash out or are highly reflective to sunlight, the superior contrast, brightness and anti-reflective properties of LED are not bothered by sunlight.

Easy To Maintain

Excellent Reliability and Flexibility
American LED video walls need less maintenance than other video wall technologies on the market today. Hot swappable modules, and redundancy options give you piece of mind that downtime is virtually eliminated. 
LED video walls are produced with longevity in mind and can operate for many years with no maintenance required. Projectors have been used historically for large screen requirements but they need to be checked regularly. The LED video wall has a slightly higher purchase price to start but is less expensive in the long run. Some LED walls can be made from display components that are built to withstand harsh environments.

Viewing Distance Calculations for Directview LED Walls

Acceptable viewing distance is subjective; it’s whatever a viewer perceives to be acceptable. There are, however, basic calculations to determine acceptable viewing distance.
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