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NEXNOVO Transparent LED Display Wall

Nexnovo NexEsign (NT) Series

Light, ultra-transparent and thin

The NT NexEsign is an ultra-transparent glass LED display using NEXNOVO’s patented integrated-IC technology and nano film circuits. This display has an all-in-one cloud base content creation & management application, allowing a complete central administration. It is the new generation of smart high-tech displays that brings innovation to any and most markets requiring efficient and avant-garde signage.

NT NexEsign is versatile, use it for simple way finders, critical information displays or just amazing advertisers. In environment such as; airports, train stations, retail stores, healthcare, education system, corporate offices, food and beverage industry, tourist sites and much more.

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NSN Series

Photoelectric glass window screen

Nexnovo Glass LED uses high density industrial tempered glass as base material combined with patented integrated-IC technology. This product is widely used for retail glass windows and atriums in modern architectures. NSN series has very high transparency, giving way to maximum impact on any creative content.

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NJ Series

Specially designed for window advertising of Retail store

Adjusting for the size of your windows, simply select the right modules from different available dimensions then attach them into a  single screen, keeping a high resolution image without affecting the transparency is key.

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NS Series

designed for applications in high-end luxury stores

The NS series are light and have high transparency, allowing to “create something out of nothing”, giving your commercial space a different kind of artistic atmosphere. They can be used to replace existing glass wall partitions, making them transparent and delivering high resolution content and great customer experience spaces. These display can also be integrated as sliding doors, opening up a whole new creative path and experiences for your visitors. From advertising to brand awareness this solution is unique in its kind.

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Nexnovo Poster (NP) Series

Perfect for window advertising

The transparent digital poster is the best advertising solution for any window. You can remotely update content easily and it won’t block your view like printed posters. The NP transparent digital poster is a powerful and creative advertising solution.

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Viewing Distance Calculations for Directview LED Walls

Acceptable viewing distance is subjective; it’s whatever a viewer perceives to be acceptable. There are, however, basic calculations to determine acceptable viewing distance.
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